Is My Wood Furniture Worth Refinishing?

Here’s the short answer. If your wood furniture has high historical or sentimental value, it’s definitely worth refinishing. The restoration process will bring back the furniture’s former glory as well as prolong its usefulness.

Aside from historical and sentimental value, you should also consider other important things. For instance, will you love the results after refinishing? If your wood furniture has been in your family for decades or generations, the furniture’s appearance might have drastically changed. Your expectations might be totally different from what the results would be.

Test it before going all in

Refinishing old and high-value furniture pieces require extra care. That’s why before you commit for a full furniture refinishing, it’s good to perform a small test to get an idea of how it will look like.

You can accomplish this by finding a hidden or protected spot (e.g. back or side of the drawer). Allow the craftsman to apply the new finishing on that area. Notice how the wood colour and lustre changes once a new finishing was applied. Also notice how the wood grain is concealed or further emphasised.

Although it’s not perfect, it’s a good way to somehow imagine the results. It’s also a way to set clear expectations about what would your furniture look like after refinishing.

How to choose a new finish

You can either choose the previous finish or apply a new type. In general, you should choose a more durable finish if the furniture is under constant use or exposure (e.g. dinner table top). Many homeowners choose polyurethane because it offers strong resistance against water and impacts.

The craftsmen you hire should provide you with the best recommendations for your furniture. You can ask questions about the pros and cons. You can also ask about how the refinishing will “alter” your furniture’s identity. It’s possible that a few repairs and wood replacements will be required to fully restore your high-value furniture.

Is my wood furniture worth refinishing?

There are other important questions aside from that. One main reason is that it’s a huge commitment and you should have clear expectations about the results. After the refinishing, you might not like the resulting colour of the furniture.

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