Staircase Restoration and Polishing for Old Sydney Homes

Whether you’re just moving into an old home or your stairs are now showing signs of wear and tear, staircase restoration and polishing can instantly breathe new life to your Sydney residence. After the job, your stair might even serve as a main focal point of your home. Your guests are sure to notice the staircase because it will add to the warmth and beauty of your house.

Timber staircases stand the test of time

Although timber is a very strong and resistant material, it’s no exception to the wear and tear through the years. Sooner or later, the signs will show up. Perhaps the treads and handrails have already lost their lustre. It could also be that there are some areas which show a slightly different shade or colour.

However, the original timber stays intact. The defects are just on the surface. A restoration and polishing job will often suffice for making your wooden staircase back to its original lustre and condition.

How professionals polish wooden staircases

First, it requires inspection. The professional you hire will determine if there are cracks and chipped wood. He will also see if the staircase is already compromised. As mentioned earlier though, surface restoration might be the only thing needed for most jobs.

He will also figure out the type of coating and wood material used for your staircase. Depending on your preference, he might apply the same finishing as with the original one. You might also choose a different kind (or that which results to a darker shade). This choice depends on your preference or the interior design changes in your home.

Wooden stairs with a darker shade provide clear contrast with white walls. This can also provide a traditional look to your home. On the other hand, the ones with a lighter shade may help provide a more vibrant surrounding. This can make your home look a bit more modern.

Staircase restoration and polishing Sydney

If you need professional restoration and polishing of your staircase, contact us today here at Glen Sheldon French Polishing Pty Ltd. We can provide you with honest advice and quality service regarding your wooden staircase (we’ve been doing this for over 15 years). You can call us today at (02) 9666 4417.