Why Spray Painting Wood Furniture is Popular?

Spray painting wood furniture is popular because it’s a neater way of making furniture more beautiful. There will be no brushstroke marks which means a smoother and finer finish will be achieved through spray painting.

This is especially important in furniture with large smooth surfaces such as boardroom tables, chairs and cabinet panels. Any brushstroke mark on these surfaces will be noticeable. In contrast, spray finishing will likely produce a consistent surface free from imperfections.

Why spray painting is a meticulous process

This method provides excellent results when done properly. However, it’s a meticulous process that requires intensive surface preparation. For example, a table may need to be sanded repeatedly to make it perfect for spray painting. This is for the paint or finish to adhere properly on the surface. This is also to prevent uneven surfaces. After all, once the spray painting starts it will be hard to reverse.

In addition, spray painting wood furniture requires expertise and detail-oriented treatment. The spraying can be challenging to control precisely due to factors such as wind and weather. That’s why craftsmen perform it in a controlled environment. As a result, this requires an offsite job to avoid possible hazards at the client’s home or commercial facility.

Why craftsmen use polyurethane coatings for spray painting

Many expert craftsmen prefer polyurethane coatings because these paints and finishes stand the test of time. In addition, these coatings offer strong resistance against moisture, heat and chemicals. The furniture is likely to maintain its glorious appearance even after repeated use and cleaning.

Wood surfaces that are polyurethane coated also have excellent resilience. That’s why many wooden furniture in kitchens, laundries and even in medical settings are coated with polyurethane paints and finishes.

Spray painting wood furniture Sydney

Here at Glen Sheldon French Polishing, our expert craftsmen use polyurethane coatings for efficient and resilient spray painting. Often this requires an offsite work which is why we handle all furniture with caution and care (from transporting your furniture to our workshop up to delivering it back to your site after the job). Contact us today and we’ll give you an estimate about the cost and time of spray painting your furniture.