How to Revive Old Cabinets & Make them Look New Again

How to revive old cabinets? Whether you want to restore the original look of your antiques or you just want to give a fresh look to your old cabinets, there are ways to achieve that while still ensuring the integrity of your precious furniture.

For instance, a meticulous re-polishing can make your antique cabinets appear glorious again. There are professionals who specialise in this field. They can re-polish your cabinets on site or at their workshop. Every step of the way, your precious furniture is being handled cautiously.

Wood cabinet repairs

Aside from loss of luster, another common problem on old cabinets is chipped wood. Other problems also include cracks, missing or deformative parts and warping of a few areas. This could be caused by wear and tear, moisture or plain impacts to the cabinet.

Whichever is the case, the wooden parts should be replaced with the appropriate material. There should be no visible signs after the repair or re-polishing. For instance, expert craftsmen from Glen Sheldon French Polishing first examine the cabinet and determine the original material. Then they perform the repairs and take the time in ensuring the cabinet’s smooth and classical look (no matter where you inspect, the cabinet shows no visible signs of repair or patching).

It’s a meticulous and laborious process. In addition, there are pre-treatment processes so the wood will be prepared for further procedures (e.g. French polishing, varnishing, spray finishing, full restoration).

Careful restoration and handling

Attention to detail is the most important thing in restoring old cabinets (especially memorabilia or furniture that have historical value). Every detail including the drawers and patterns on the wooden front panel should be delicately handled. There should be minimal replacements performed. If there are too many replacements or scraping of the original wood surface, the identity of the antique and precious cabinet will be lost.

How to revive old cabinets Sydney

Here at Glen Sheldon French Polishing, we are committed to careful handling and restoration of your old and valuable cabinets. We use high-quality wood material for repairs and replacements (sparingly). We also use only the high-quality finishes that will protect your cabinets from the elements while returning it to its former glory.

Contact us today if you want to revive your old and precious wooden cabinets.