Restoring Old Furniture Without Stripping

Restoring old furniture without stripping could be a less laborious and less messy way of bringing back your furniture to its former glory. Furniture stripping (usually with the use of chemicals to remove paint) is an additional step to furniture restoration.

However, you should consider a few important things before you pursue that path. This is crucial especially when dealing with antiques and furniture with intricate woodwork. Let’s discuss those important things.

What happens when you apply second layer of paint?

Stripping is about removing the original layer of paint so you can apply a new coating. Without stripping, you’ll add a second layer of paint without removing the original one. The result is two layers of coating which might conceal (or make less obvious) the intricate woodwork of furniture.

In addition, furniture restoration without stripping just conceals the scratches, peels and other damages. That’s why craftsmen still use manual or chemical stripping (depending on the wood material and other conditions) to properly restore an old furniture.

However, take note that after stripping there might be a need for sanding. This is to prepare the surface for new coating. Sanding takes away the “identity” of furniture. After all, its original material and constitution is what makes the furniture (especially antique tables, chairs and cabinets).

Restoring old furniture without stripping Sydney

There are still cases when furniture restoration without stripping is feasible. For example, re-polishing is a great option to actually restore old furniture to its original glory. This minimises the “loss of identity” of the furniture.

Re-painting could also be an option (where a second layer is just added to hide the peeling paint and damages). However, as mentioned earlier, it can conceal the details and integrity of furniture. In addition, the surface might not get smooth and even. The second layer of coating might even emphasise those imperfections.

Furniture restoration is an art that requires expertise. Extensive knowledge about wood material, antiques, coating and both traditional and modern methods of restoration are required. This is crucial especially in antiques and heritage furniture.

That’s why here at Glen Sheldon French Polishing, our expert craftsmen have gained deep knowledge about furniture restoration. They perform extensive pre-treatments and assessments before going forward with a restoration method. They also handle each furniture item with caution and care (whether working in your site or at our workshop). Contact us today and we’ll give you an estimate about the cost and time for your furniture to be restored to its original glory.