Restoring Art Deco Clocks and Furniture

Art Deco still represents glamour and luxury as well as the faith in social and technological progress. Those who have Art Deco clocks, furniture and other items are likely to have acquired them as a family heirloom, from a loved one or through a huge financial purchase. That’s because it’s a piece of history and heritage as the art style first appeared just before World War I.

Restoring Art Deco clocks and furniture

Because of its value and history, an Art Deco piece is always worth restoring. Although a craftsman can make an identical piece, it’s still not the same. For example, if an Art Deco clock belonged to your grandfather and you saw an identical piece in the antique shop, they’re not the same object. The latter could have a dollar price in it while the other has a sentimental value.

Objects gain meaning (or we assign meaning to them) depending on our values, memories and associations with them. We can immediately let go of things that can be easily replaced but those pieces that carry a dear memory to us are almost impossible to sell and let go of. These pieces, especially if they have a sentimental, cultural or heritage value, deserve the restoration work they require if we truly want to keep them.

One of our recent projects here at Glen Sheldon French Polishing Pty Ltd was restoring an Art Deco clock. The piece is sentimental to the client because it belonged to their grandfather. As a result, we carefully repaired the hole and helped bring back its original integrity and glory. The result is a delight because the Art Deco clock again represents glamour, luxury and heritage.

This kind of project requires care and skill as well as an appreciation and background in the arts. We know and study deeply the kind of materials and finishes of valuable antique furniture. This way, we can choose the appropriate restoration technique and method (and ensure the piece will be handled with extreme care).

For more information about our restoration work, contact us today. We will carefully handle your valuable furniture and other pieces. Our craftsmen will be sure to bring back its integrity, glory, elegance and high value (whether financial or sentimental).