Restore Wooden Vintage Furniture & Return Its Original High Value

To restore wooden vintage furniture requires a high level of skill and craftsmanship. After all, contemporary furniture and high-value antiques are somehow sensitive and vulnerable. One mistake and it can totally ruin the vintage furniture’s original appearance and integrity.

There are meticulous ways on the restoration of old wooden furniture. Experienced craftsmen such as those from Glen Sheldon French Polishing can do careful wood replacement of the chipped parts. They can also perform a slow and laborious polishing and refinishing to ensure the furniture is being handled cautiously.

The whole process of furniture restoration

It starts with careful examination and assessment of the furniture. Perhaps a few of the parts and surfaces are already compromised. It’s also possible that some of the wood material just need replacement to improve the furniture’s integrity and appearance.

Whether it’s an antique cabinet, chair, table, couch or a chaise lounge, careful examination always leads to successful restoration. Even if the furniture will only be used for display, it’s still crucial to maintain or strengthen its integrity if you hope it to last for generations to come.

After the assessment, the handling of the furniture before the actual repair and restoration is also crucial. For example, some clients request the job to be done outside the premises and at our workshop here at 1 / 6-10 Booralee St, Botany (NSW) 2019. Careful lifting and transport is crucial in ensuring no additional damage will be incurred during transport (from and to the premises).

Some clients also request for the job to be done on site. This means there’s no transport required and only minimal movement of the furniture will be done. Our craftsmen here at Glen Sheldon French Polishing can work either way. We can restore your furniture at our own workshop or we can just do it on your site (minimal disturbances to your normal daily activities).

Restore wooden vintage furniture Sydney

It takes a lot of time and labour (even with the application of modern techniques). That’s because detail and care are critical in successful furniture restorations. It’s been our commitment here at Glen Sheldon French Polishing since our company’s foundation in 1998.

Call us today at (02) 9666 4417 and our qualified craftsmen will carefully restore your valuable wooden vintage furniture.