How to Restore the Tabletop Finish

Whether it’s your dinner table or the boardroom table, how that wide surface looks like indeed makes an impression. Perhaps its natural wood colour has faded away or became darker through the years. Or maybe the scratches and dents are highly visible now. Whichever is the case, it’s now time to restore your table to its original glory.

How to restore the tabletop finish

It’s a straightforward task where you prepare the surface and apply a new finish. Other approaches might be doing a thorough (and still careful) clean to restore the tabletop’s original appearance. Another common approach is just letting the tabletop as it is because people think its aesthetic value actually increases as it shows the evidence of time (just like how many denim jeans look better through the years as the colour fades).

However, many people still prefer giving a fresh look to the tabletop and returning it to its former glory. That’s because how the table looks like might be in heavy contrast with the rest of the home or room. For example, the table looks decades-old while the rest of the dining area is elegant and classy. It feels like the table doesn’t belong there anymore because of its worn out look. But if the table looks consistent with the rest of the area, it will be a perfect complement with everything else in the dining area or the boardroom (and not get any unwanted attention).

In restoring the tabletop finish (and make it fit in again with your place), you can choose among a few approaches. One such approach is doing-it-yourself (DIY) where you buy a few necessary supplies and dedicate several hours to the restoration task. This could be cost-effective as well as an amazing learning experience. However, mistakes could be costly because the tabletop might get in a worse condition. Moreover, the volatiles you use could be harmful to your health and the environment even when applying the needed safety precautions.

In contrast, letting the craftsmen do the restorations will save you some time as well as give you peace of mind that your furniture is in good hands. When it comes to volatiles, they can use more environment-friendly finishes that are also safer to human health. The craftsmen could also do the restoration offsite where it’s well-ventilated or some of the environmental conditions are better controlled (e.g. temperature, humidity levels).

It’s up to you on how to best accomplish the task. It’s a straightforward task after all but the mistakes could be costly (as well as potentially time consuming). But if you apply all the needed precautions and are willing to master the details, the results will be great. On the other hand, letting craftsmen do the work will yield excellent results (and make sure that your tabletop gets the best protection and finish for the coming years and few decades).