How Do You Restore the Shine of Old Wood Furniture

Old wood furniture have lost their shine because much of the coating was removed (could be due to weathering, physical contact) and that the coating has already deteriorated and reacted with moisture and sunshine. Either way, the furniture piece doesn’t look good already and that the underlying wood material is now more exposed to the harsh environmental elements.

How do you restore the shine of old wood furniture

To protect the underlying wood material and bring back your furniture’s original glory and elegance, you will have to apply a new layer of coating for better protection and aesthetics. A craftsman can professionally and safely do it for you especially if you want the best results.

Restoring the shine of old tables, chairs or cabinets often requires applying a new finish (which could be irritating or hazardous). Also, the process often requires sanding and stripping the old layer and some of the wood material’s surfaces. Polishing is also often required to enhance the furniture’s shine and appearance.

It’s a labour-intensive process that should be done carefully and meticulously. The outcome should be flawless and perfect for the effort and cost to be worth it. It’s especially the case with antiques or furniture pieces with great financial or sentimental value. The item should be handled with great care to preserve the original material and identity of the old furniture.

A DIY approach might work but take note of the time, labour and preparation required. You might need to bring out the old table or cabinet for better ventilation during sanding and refinishing. You might also need to have a safe workspace that will allow you to work properly without causing any contamination or disturbance to the immediate surroundings.

Overall, furniture restoration is a simple and straightforward process. But if you want excellent results and you don’t have the time to do all the work and preparations, a team of craftsmen can professionally do it all for you. For example, here at Glen Sheldon we’ll carefully bring your furniture to our workshop if necessary. We’ll then also carefully bring it back in perfect condition to your home or building. Contact us today and we’ll restore your valuable furniture in its former beauty, glory and function.