How Do You Restore an Old Chaise Lounge

For a time, the chaise lounge became a symbol of social status where only the richest could have it. French furniture craftsmen only used the most expensive and rarest materials in building each chaise lounge.

Today, the furniture item is still valuable as many have heritage roots or are available only in a few select shops (and many of those available are considered antiques). However, through the years they have undergone wear and tear as can be seen on their frames and upholstery. It’s crucial that the damages are promptly repaired and that the entire chaise lounge is restored to its original glory.

Restoring an old chaise lounge

To accomplish this task, it can start with removing the tacks and repairing or strengthening the wood frame. Old tack holes and weakened joints can be fixed with wood glue. When it comes to the overall frame, the timber’s finish can be revived with shellac (you can see what we did here).

When it comes to the upholstery, we have to work on the springs, cords, webbing and fabric. Stability and some tension are important here to make the overall upholstery look firm. This requires expertise and craftsmanship because the sequence of the tasks should be in correct order and executed perfectly. It’s a work of art to achieve that elegant curvature of the chaise lounge. The goal is to make the fabric and curvature look dramatic so that it can be one of the main focal points in the room.

Carrying out this furniture restoration requires attention to detail and deep knowledge about timber materials, finishes and upholsteries. This also often requires knowledge about the history and make of old furniture pieces (especially when working on antiques). For example, there might be a few crucial precautions to observe before removing and replacing the upholstery or before stripping the wood frame.

Here at Glen Sheldon, our craftsmen are always careful and meticulous when working on any valuable furniture piece. It starts with careful handling especially if the restoration is to be done in our workshop. We take the time in studying the chaise lounge’s material and upholstery before commencing any work. Then, we plan a course of action on how to carry out the task according to the highest standards. Throughout the project, we keep our clients informed about the restoration progress. Once each project is complete, our clients are always delighted to see the results and they appreciate the detail and hard work that went into the project.