How to Restore Your Mid-Century Sofa 

With their characteristic simplicity and functionality, mid-century sofas and other furniture pieces never go out of style. With their clean lines, classic geometric shapes and gentle curves, these furniture pieces will stand the test of time and may become more valuable over the years. As a result, it’s always worthwhile to have them undergo gentle restoration because of their high value and timeless appeal. 

Restoring a mid-century sofa 

Restoration of such a valuable piece requires knowledge of its material and history. For example, many authentic mid-century furniture are made from teak (known for its rich colour and durability). There are also many other pieces made from oak and rosewood. With this knowledge of the furniture’s core material, craftsmen can make the appropriate repairs and replacements if necessary. 

Through the years, the sofa’s colour might have already faded and as a result, it has lost some of its boldness and appeal. WIth the craftsmen’s knowledge of mid-century furniture’s colour and key characteristics, the restoration will be appropriate and it will truly bring back the sofa’s appeal and glory. Once again, the sofa will become the centre of attention or the highlight of a living space. 

What happens in the restoration 

To bring back the sofa’s original glory, appeal and function, this often requires careful completion of several tasks. For example, full restoration may include repairing the wooden frame, repolishing the legs and reupholstering the cushions. The outcome of such careful restoration often surpasses that of newly purchased sofas. There’s just something different with furniture pieces that have stood the test of time. 

Although classic furniture pieces have undergone restoration work, their core material and identity remained intact. This is accomplished by carrying out only the necessary repairs and replacements to bring back the furniture’s structural integrity and characteristic appeal. This requires expertise and experience because the furniture’s integrity might have been already compromised or that the furniture has a high sentimental or financial value. You want it to be handled with extreme care and attention. 

Here at Glen Sheldon, we regularly restore valuable furniture pieces. This has been our specialisation since 1998 where through the years, we’ve handled sensitive projects for our residential and commercial customers.