How Do You Restore a Mahogany Table

Because of mahogany’s durability and long-term appeal (especially as the material’s reddish brown hue darken over time), it has been a popular material for the making of furniture. It also has excellent resistance against water, which made the material practical for the building of boats and ships in the past. In addition, woodcarvers find it relatively easy to work with the mahogany material. It’s now easy to find out why this hardwood has become popular and precious for centuries.

Restoring a mahogany table

Today, mahogany’s appeal still stands partly because of its straight and even grain. With this visual characteristic, it has become suitable for use in the building of cabinets, drawers, tables and other furniture pieces.

Although mahogany is being cultivated in many parts of the globe, the supply is still limited which makes the material still highly scarce and valuable. The price is still considerably high compared to other alternatives. As a result, furniture owners do their best to protect and preserve their mahogany furniture pieces.

However, these furniture pieces still undergo wear and tear as well as fading and discolouration. Chips, dents and other surface and structural damages can also appear over time. Even with all these damages, it’s still possible to repair them and bring back the furniture’s original glory. For example, here at Glen Sheldon we’ve recently restored a mahogany table and the included chairs. We repaired all the joints and repolished the wood. In addition, we reupholstered the seats which resulted in making the entire set look and feel brand new.

The entire process requires a deep understanding of the material’s properties as well as the make of the furniture. For instance, before repolishing the wood we had to strip the existing finish first. We had to be careful because we want to minimise the reduction of the wood material (only the existing finish should be removed).

If you also require this kind of furniture restoration service, you can contact us today here at Glen Sheldon. Our craftsmen will first assess the furniture and its visible and structural damages before commencing with the restoration work.