When to Restore My Antique Furniture?

If your old furniture is now an eyesore (e.g. broken legs, severe water damage), it’s the perfect time to have it undergo restoration. But if it’s just a minor damage (slight fading or scratches), it’s best to leave it alone.

Why? As much as possible keep the original identity of the antique. This is to maintain or even increase its value. True collectors value antiques that look really old. In other words, the value lies in the furniture’s creation (and not restoration).

Why it’s not the right time

Well, it’s especially the case with museum-quality pieces (or those that have the potential). Any form of restoration will actually alter the furniture. It’s possible that the original finish will be stripped. It’s also likely that some of the wood parts will be replaced.

As much as possible, the goal is to keep the antique’s identity intact. That’s why many owners and collectors think twice before contacting expert craftsmen. And when they do, they give out detailed instructions or ask several questions before the restoration proceeds.

Why it’s the right time

Let’s explore the other side. Why should you restore your furniture as soon as possible? The answer is it has more to do with aesthetics and functionality. If the furniture is a staple part of your kitchen or dining area (e.g. large wooden table top which encounters heavy use), it should be restored to prolong its lifespan and maintain its function.

It’s also the case when you want everything in your home or kitchen to be consistent. Perhaps the old chair doesn’t fit perfectly with the dining area. Or, the old drawers and kitchen cabinets get too much attention because of their vulnerable appearance.

In these cases it’s ideal to restore the furniture as soon as possible. More importantly, hire the best craftsmen to ensure care and excellence.

When to restore my antique furniture & ensure excellent results

Contact us today here at Glen Sheldon French Polishing and we’ll carefully handle and restore your antique. Our expert craftsmen can do the job on site or in our workshop. Our goal is to bring back your furniture’s former glory while minimising alterations and replacements.