Repair a Wooden Table Top or Just Buy New Furniture?

Is it still worth it to repair a wooden table top? If it has high sentimental value or part of a company’s rich history, any investment is worth it when restoring the wooden table. In addition to returning it to its original glory, you also extend its lifespan and further increase its value.

However, is it still possible to restore a table top even if it has huge dents and noticeable scratches and cracks? Good news is that in most cases the table top can still be saved. Although in a few cases (such as when the crack extends all the way from top to bottom) it’s impossible, successful wood repairs are still possible for many cases.

Small damages such as minor dents, scratches and discolouration

Dents and minor scratches can be fixed by removing the coating layer and then applying heat or sealants to the surface. The result is that the space will be filled which makes the previous damages invisible or far from noticeable.

Stains and discolouration can be removed by careful polishing and wiping (using denatured alcohol). Extra care is required here because more of the layers might be damaged because of physical abrasion and chemical reactions.

There are cases when the furniture coating and a few sub-layers need to be stripped. This is to access the damaged areas underneath and to make sure the results will be even throughout. This also requires extra care to minimise replacements and repairs.

Huge damages where replacement may be necessary

Cracks extending from top to bottom of the table might require full replacement. The upper layer of the table top may be replaced and just add a supporting wood material underneath. However, this will compromise the integrity of your home furniture. The appearance might be good but its strength is now clearly compromised.

The extent of the damage might not be apparent at first. Perhaps the damage is severe already which makes repairs and restorations impractical. It’s also possible that there’s just mild damage that can be easily repaired.

Repair a wooden table top or just replace it?

You can contact us here at Glen Sheldon French Polishing if you want to make sure if your wooden table top can still be saved. If it has a high sentimental or financial value, our expert craftsmen will do their best to bring back the elegance and integrity of your valuable furniture.