How to Repair and Restore a Tabletop

Whether it’s because of heat damage, physical impact, spill or natural deterioration, having a damaged tabletop is very unsightly. With that huge surface area, it’s highly visible and may even compromise the surface’s stability.

How to repair and restore a tabletop

To solve the problem, you can either do it yourself or hire a professional. Either way, most likely the repair and restoration will start with a thorough inspection of the damage. If it’s just a scratch or the finish just faded away, the tabletop may require sanding (i.e. surface prep) and a new layer of finishing. If there are structural damages, these will have to be dealt with first before doing any new application of finishing.

But if the tabletop is severely damaged and you’re thinking of throwing it away, there’s still hope and a few options. The tabletop may require total material replacement or that you can upcycle the entire furniture. It’s possible to transform the old piece into something fresh and useful. For example, the tabletop material could be used as a surface for a smaller table or a supporting material for a shelf or desk. However, the possibilities depend on how much of the original material is still intact.

Whether it’s restoring the tabletop or upcycling it, it will require surface preparation and perhaps some disassembly and reassembly. It will also require a well-ventilated workspace so that the wood dust and other particles won’t scatter around the room. The ventilation is also important for preventing the accumulation of volatiles or unpleasant odours while applying the new finishing.

Here at Glen Sheldon, our craftsmen can bring your table into our workshop. We’ll carefully carry your furniture and ensure that the end result will be excellent. There will be no traces of damage and we’ll bring back the table’s original glory (or even enhance its aesthetics and function). We can also come up with design ideas on how to transform it into something new and useful. Contact us today and with your ideas we’ll make it happen.