Does Refinishing Antique Reduce Value?

Does refinishing antique reduce value? Short answer is no. However, it depends if the job was done perfectly. That’s why it’s crucial to choose real antique refinishing experts to ensure excellent results.

For instance, antique refinishing requires expertise and deep knowledge about coatings and wood materials. After all, the goal of refinishing is to bring back the original glory and appearance of the furniture. Any mistake or inconsistency can actually ruin the furniture’s value.

What’s the meaning and significance of value?

Let’s define value. Value is often related to its worth. How worthy is an item? How much return can you get if you sell or exchange the item for something? This is called financial value.

Value can also be in terms of sentiment or history. That’s what gives antique tables, chairs, cabinets and other furniture high value. In addition, furniture items with high sentimental or historical value often have high financial worth.

Why antiques have high sentimental or historical value? First, it relates to maintaining its original material, appearance and glory. If it fails on those, it’s better to purchase or build a new one instead. In other words, it’s the furniture’s original composition that’s responsible for its high value.

How does refinishing affect original composition?

Furniture refinishing is about applying a coating to improve or restore the furniture’s appearance. It’s about adding something new which results to affecting (not necessarily reducing) the antique’s value.

As a result, refinishing somehow affects the antique’s original composition. In addition, there might be a need to perform more intrusive techniques (e.g. furniture stripping, replacement of wood parts) to achieve perfect results. There are tradeoffs to be made in order to restore the furniture with minimal changes in its original composition.

Does refinishing antique reduce value?

In summary, antique refinishing doesn’t necessarily reduce the furniture’s value. It’s possible because expert craftsmen can do meticulous and laborious refinishing. They could also select the original refinishing and wood material so the antique would truly be back at its original glory.

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