How Do You Refinish a Solid Oak Table Top 

Just recently we refinished an old solid oak table for a client (their family has been using the table for about 25 years). The table had become worn and sticky to touch. Here’s a summary of what we did to make the oak table look and feel glorious again: 

  1. Inspected the table for any damage 
  2. Cleaned the surfaces 
  3. Stripped the old finish 
  4. Applied a new finish to the table top 

Essentially it’s always the same process for other restoration jobs. If we see some damages, we repair them and might replace the missing or broken parts with the original material. We make sure to restore the furniture’s structural integrity first before we bring back its classic and elegant appearance. 

How do you refinish an old table? 

Although the process is straightforward, the job may still require expertise and craftsmanship. It’s especially the case when the table is: 

  • Decades old and has sentimental value to the individual or family 
  • The table has historical value (might also be part of a company’s beginnings and history) 
  • The old table has a high financial value because of its history and origin 

In that case, the table requires careful and expert hands. You want to make sure that the old table will be treated right and with craftsmanship. Apart from ensuring proper restoration, it’s also a practical way to further lengthen the table’s lifespan. 

Aside from expertise, you also have to consider the following in proper table restoration: 

  • Having a proper environment or workshop (the task will require sanding and applying a new finish) 
  • The resulting odour from applying a new finish (the smell might linger for days or weeks) 
  • Proper gear, equipment and materials 

We take care of all that here at Glen Sheldon. We do the restoration or refinishing job at our workshop or on site. We always take all the precautions in each project. You can contact us today if your old table or other furniture requires an expert touch.