Should I Really Buy New Furniture?

Perhaps your old timber table or chairs are now showing their age because of the chips, cracks, scratches and broken leg. Right now it feels like the old furniture piece doesn’t belong in your home anymore. You’re now thinking of disposing it or giving it away and buying something new for your home.

Should I really buy new furniture?

In many cases sturdy furniture last for a lifetime (and for several generations which is why we see antiques). With a good coating and proper care, furniture pieces will remain to look glorious and elegant for many decades to come. But due to some changes in your home and lifestyle (you’re moving to another place, you’re remodelling your home, getting married, having a new baby or there’s a growing child, your income increases so it makes sense to make way for new furniture and appliances), you now consider replacing your old furniture. It could also be the case when the old furniture is already compromised or significantly deteriorated because of a storm, flood, fire or physical accident.

But is buying new furniture your only option? What if your old furniture can still have value and a purpose? Thankfully, restoration and upcycling are other options you have. In restoration, you bring back your old furniture’s original beauty and glory or you’re making it look new by using the original colour or coating (or another colour to make it look like a new furniture piece). On the other hand, upcycling is about reusing or repurposing your old furniture. The old furniture undergoes transformation and then used for something else. For example, a single desk can be converted to two side tables or two small shelving (e.g. for books and other small items). Another example is combining two old wooden chairs to make a French style bench (i.e. it’s like having two chairs face each other to create a longer seating area).

Before disposing your old furniture, perhaps you can still find new use to it. With just a few little modifications (using the original timber material), applying new coating (e.g. low VOC finishes should be used) and some creativity, you can even transform your old furniture into something with a higher value and greater purpose.

That’s what we professionally do here at Glen Sheldon French Polishing. As part of our commitment in environmental sustainability and protection, we also do furniture upcycling so that old furniture will be reused again. Aside from reducing carbon footprint and deforestation, this also helps clients save money because they won’t have to buy some new furniture for their homes or offices. In our entire process (e.g. using low VOC finishes, keeping the original timber material intact, using solar power and LED lighting while doing the job) we implement environment-friendly practices. Contact us today and our experienced craftsmen will bring new life to your old furniture.