Why Polyurethane Coating is Good for Furniture

Polyurethane coating applied on furniture results in a smooth plastic surface. This surface is highly resilient and resistant against water, moisture, chemicals and heat. As a result, the furniture is protected from harsh elements and thereby the furniture piece lasts long and maintains its integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Why polyurethane coating is good for furniture

As with several other known polymers, polyurethane has excellent properties especially when it comes to resistance and durability. The atoms in polymers are often locked, which helps in making them unreactive (or slow to react) against the common environmental elements such as moisture and sunlight. The core material underneath is then protected and you maximise its use and value.

Other coatings and finishes also offer some protection. Varnish, lacquer and shellac also protect the wood material underneath and even enhance the appeal and value of furniture. Those coatings and finishes give the wood that elegant and timeless appeal. Even with the weaknesses of those coatings such as fading and discolouration, they are still widely popular because of that timeless appeal they give to the wood furniture they touch.

On the other hand, polyurethane coatings also help improve the appeal of furniture. However, the appeal is different and more appropriate for environments that are modern and somewhat minimalist. The reason is the resulting smooth plastic surface, which is in heavy contrast with the “heritage feel” of wood furniture coated with varnish, lacquer or shellac.

The ultimate goal is always about protecting the furniture and making it last long. When its external appearance changes, applying a new layer of coating is always an option. This way you restore its aesthetic appeal or even enhance its appearance. However, it all depends on how carefully the coating process is handled. After all, the desired result is to make the furniture have a pleasing, consistent and even appearance.

Here at Glen Sheldon our craftsmen are always careful in restoring valuable furniture pieces. Whether it’s about using polyurethane coating or other finishes, we take the time to assess the furniture and figure out the best approach in handling the project. Contact us today if you want to make your furniture last long or enhance its aesthetics.