How Do Museums Take Care of Antiques

Museums, libraries and archives prioritise the conservation and protection of antiques, artifacts and other items of rich cultural heritage. Aside from preserving a valuable part of our history and identity, cultural objects also illuminate some of our past and they become a natural part of our unique present and future.

How do museums take care of antiques

Because of the age and cultural value of antiques and artefacts, it has become a sensitive and challenging task to carry out conservation and restoration work. After all, antiques have already deteriorated and they are now exposed to a different kind of environment compared to that of the past. To stop or slow down that deterioration, it then requires protecting the valuable item from both natural and artificial causes.

For example, the ultraviolet rays from sunlight can accelerate the deterioration of historic objects. With the UV rays’ high-frequency bombardment of particles on an object’s surface, some of the protective coating gets knocked out. It can also accelerate certain chemical reactions that cause degradation similar to what happens in the corrosion of metals.

Another example is the effect of moisture and humidity. It’s especially the case in wooden antiques such as historic tables, drawers and chairs. The wood material can warp, expand or contract in response to the changes in humidity levels. That warping, expansion and contraction will affect the object’s overall integrity. In addition, moist surfaces can attract mould and pests. They might eat up some of the object’s native material and further cause damage and deterioration.

To prevent or slow down the deterioration, museums and allied organisations and businesses apply careful restoration and conservation techniques. The restoration might require repair and careful refinishing. Conservation might also require refinishing to protect the underlying material from both natural and artificial causes.

That is what we regularly do here at Glen Sheldon. Our work started way back in 1998 and through the years we’ve helped restore valuable antiques and historic objects. Our team of craftsmen does the work either onsite or at our workshop. We carry out the restoration work according to the highest standards and extreme care. Contact us today if you want to carefully restore your antique.