Mirror Resilvering Service Near Me: Here’s the Answer

Mirror resilvering service near me? Here at Glen Sheldon French Polishing we resilver mirrors with a focus on excellent craftsmanship (contact us today). Whether there are scratches or the glass got discoloured, there’s always a good chance the mirror can be brought back to its original glory.

Is the mirror still worth repairing?

The cost of resilvering or restoration might exceed the cost of replacing the mirror. However, the case is totally different when it comes to mirrors with high sentimental or historical value. If the mirror has been in the family for generations, the cost won’t be an issue in restoring it.

How mirror resilvering is done

Mirrors are usually made of thin layer of silver or aluminium covered by a pane of quality glass. The glass or silver surface might be damaged through impacts or natural reactions (e.g. mineral deposits or the glass got worn out).

For resilvering to work, the surfaces should be repaired or replaced. It could be a partial or total replacement depending on the case. In addition, careful handling of the mirrors and where they’re attached is crucial to the restoration success.

Specifically, the whole process involves removing the top layer (glass) and also the existing layer underneath (silver or aluminium). Cleaning and polishing will be the next steps (ensure a spotless surface). Then a new layer of silver will be placed to make the mirror look brand new.

Meticulous every step of the way

Each step requires extra care to avoid breakage and further damage to the mirrors. For instance, even removing the mirror from the frame can be very risky. Whether the job’s being done on-site or in the workshop, the handling of the mirror should require extra caution.

It’s especially the case with mirrors that have high historical value. After all, its original material and composition is what makes it highly valuable. Replacement will be out of the question because the original should be kept intact as much as possible.

Mirror resilvering service near me

Here at Glen Sheldon French Polishing, we do re-silvering of mirrors. Moreover, we also do the following for Sydney homeowners:

  • Repair and restoration of mirror frames
  • Cabinet repairs
  • Full antique restoration
  • Repair and re-upholstery of contemporary furniture
  • French polishing

Contact us today if you want your high-value mirror or furniture to be professionally and carefully restored.