Make My Old Furniture Look New & Glorious Again

How to make my old furniture look new? Whether you bought it from a listing or you inherited it from your parents or relatives, you want your furniture to look new again so it better matches your home design.

That’s why here we’ll discuss valuable tips on how to bring back the furniture’s original glory. We’ll start with quick and easy steps to take and then work on advanced methods of restoring and repairing furniture pieces. Let’s begin.

Proper cleaning of furniture

Just a proper and thorough cleaning can make a huge difference to your leather or wood furniture. Dust can quickly accumulate at the surface and the layer might even scratch the leather or wood.

It’s recommended to remove the dust using a mildly damp cloth (to avoid irritation and dust scattering). Don’t make the cloth too wet as the water may penetrate the coating and thereby ruin the furniture’s appearance.

If you think the furniture has been hidden for a long time and there’s a lingering odour, it’s advisable to air it outside during a warm day. Sunlight and natural air circulation may remove that musty smell.

Fixing scrapes & water spots

Minor scrapes and scratches can be fixed by restoration products. You can apply them yourself (be careful and pay attention to details). These products can buff out the scrapes and make them less visible or completely unnoticeable at all.

When it comes to water spots, heat is often required to make the water evaporate and disappear from the area. The spots appeared because the water (or condensation from a cold drink) penetrated the coating, which is why the water must be removed first.

Some people use a hair dryer on the affected area to facilitate heat and speed up water evaporation. Others place a cloth and use an iron to heat the area. Either way, you should be careful when applying heat because too much of it can ruin the wood surface.


Leather covers are durable and long-lasting. However, rips and tears can completely ruin the leather furniture’s elegant appearance. Also, even deep cleaning might not have a significant effect on making the old furniture look new.

Whether it’s an old sofa or an antique chair, re-upholstery services can breathe a new life to your valuable furniture. Aside from the leather or fabric surface, the padding and springs might all be replaced. The supporting structure (metal, wood or plastic) might also be repaired to ensure the furniture’s integrity.

Repairing or replacing the wood pieces

Chips and cracks make furniture ugly and vulnerable. It’s especially the case when it’s the wide table surface or the legs of the chair. Large cracks may even totally break down the furniture in half.

It’s recommended to repair those early on to prevent accidents or further damage. Craftsmen may replace those wood parts with the original wood material. They may also work on the supporting parts to make the furniture strong again (especially important when the furniture will be used often).

For instance, the arm support might be already compromised. Its vulnerability might cause an accident that could injure a person’s hand or arm. It’s important that the cracks are repaired or the whole arm support replaced immediately.

Refinishing & French polishing

Furniture restoration is often incomplete without the refinishing (or in some cases, French polishing). It works by first removing the old finish then applying a new one. Another way to think of it is by stripping the old coating first to give way to the new.

The old finish can be removed by using sandpaper. In some cases though, a more powerful approach might be needed to quickly remove the old finish. After the old layer was stripped, the finishing will be applied using a fine bristled brush (sponge and rag can also be used). The new finish should be applied evenly to create a uniform and smooth appearance.

On the other hand, French polishing can take the restoration to a higher level. That’s because it results to a surface with deep colour, high gloss and superior elegance. Craftsmen carefully apply shellac by hand, which makes it a labour-intensive process. French polishing is often ideal for restoring heritage and antique furniture.

Polyurethane coating for modern furniture

For modern furniture pieces, polyurethane coating might be more appropriate because it results to a hard and resilient finish. Its application often requires spray finishing and repeated application of the paint (resulting to several layers).

Many homeowners choose this because the furniture becomes resilient and resistant against water, moisture, spills, dirt and other things that might harm the surface. In addition, the results last long which can make the furniture look new even through the years of use and exposure.

Make my old furniture look new

It’s advisable to clean, repair or restore your old furniture as soon as possible to prevent further damage. In addition, furniture pieces often attract the attention of guests. Whether it’s your home or commercial establishment, the appearance of furniture always has a huge impact on how the place looks and feels like.

Through the years furniture undergo physical changes that greatly affect their appearance and financial value. Water, sunlight, microbes, wear and tear and other things can make the furniture look far from elegant and glorious.

That’s why here at Glen Sheldon French Polishing, we specialise in bringing back the furniture’s original glory. Whether it’s a contemporary furniture or antique, our experienced craftsmen use both traditional and modern methods to bring the best results.

Our furniture restoration specialists have already worked on high-value tables, chairs, side tables, kitchen cabinets, reception desks, boardroom tables, wine cabinets and other furniture pieces. Through the years (since 1998), we’ve been handling small furniture repair and huge antique restoration assignments for both residential and commercial clients.

Contact us today and tell us about the furniture you want to look new again. We can do the job onsite or at our workshop. We’ll carefully handle your valuable furniture from pickup, restoration and delivery. You can also ask us about our furniture conservation methods so you could further explore your options.