Why Is It Important to Preserve Artefacts and Antiques?

Artefacts and antiques illuminate our past and strengthen our cultural identities. It’s similar to that feeling when we look at our old pictures. We can’t help but smile about the past and wonder how we got here. Also, each artefact and antique has a unique story to tell, just like how each old photo of us has that interesting and fun behind-the-scenes story.

Importance of preserving antiques and artefacts

Aside from being a part of our identity and the history of a nation, historical and cultural objects give us a glimpse of the past. Perhaps we can still learn a lot about old practices and we can see that through antiques and artefacts. Also, we can get some hints about how people adapted given their environment and existing knowledge and technologies at that time.

For example, many of the artefacts are related to hunting and protection. The oldest boomerang artefact (excavated in South Australia during the 1970s) is estimated to be around 9,500 years old. With its utility for hunting and fighting, people that time already figured out how to fashion such a tool. It’s also the case with shields, clubs and spears used for protection and hunting.

Old paintings and furniture pieces also give us a glimpse of the past and they show the art and cultural evolution through the decades and centuries. Although paintings done by Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent van Gogh don’t have any real utility, they still have high financial value. In addition, experts take tremendous efforts in preserving those works. It’s possible that when a doomsday comes, those art pieces will be saved and protected first instead of most humans.

It’s true that the extremely high prices of some artworks are driven by some wealthy collectors and that most artworks are actually cheap. But still, the value of antiques and old paintings are in their history and meaning (including the persons who made those pieces). Also, the meaning of an old artwork or furniture depends on the viewer and owner (just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder).

To preserve the value and meaning of an old piece, here at Glen Sheldon we use advanced and meticulous techniques. This is to preserve and protect the appearance and the underlying material of old furniture. We also do restoration works so that we all can see how a piece looked like in its original beauty and glory.