How Do I Upcycle My Sideboard?

To upcycle your old sideboard or turn it into something more useful and valuable, a layer of new paint or finish as well as some repairs will bring stunning results. It’s also possible to make it look antique, contemporary or modern depending on the outcome you desire.

How do I upcycle my sideboard?

It’s almost the same as other furniture pieces where you repair the surface damages including dents and scratches (if there are any) and then prepping the furniture. Often this might require sanding the surfaces and stripping the old paint or finish. Finally, a new layer of finish could then be applied to make the item look beautiful and useful again. Additional work might be replacing the drawers, display glass and hinges as well as repairing the legs and panels.

Whether it’s for storage or display for decorations, a sideboard truly adds value and functionality to a home. Moreover, some want their sideboards to stay for sentimental reasons. Perhaps it was a gift or made by a craftsman who is a family member. In other words, it’s not just a furniture piece with function. It’s also an object that holds memories or holds positive associations (e.g. it constantly reminds us of someone).

As a result, it’s important to keep it intact, strong and functional. With upcycling, you can rejuvenate its appearance and turn it into something much better. Although there will be some transformations, the original material and structure will stay intact. You will still have it but the difference is you made it more valuable.

Your old sideboard or any other furniture shouldn’t have to end in the landfill. Instead, it can stay in your home and serve its original function again. For both sentimental and practical reasons, upcycling your sideboard is truly a smart choice.

Here at Glen Sheldon, our team of craftsmen can turn your old sideboard into something more useful and beautiful. We can do the work on site or in our workshop. Our team can take care of the entire process to ensure high-quality and elegant results. Contact us today and we’ll carefully handle your sideboard.