Hazards From Broken Furniture to Watch Out For

Whether it’s antique or modern furniture, any damage might cause serious injuries (especially if the furniture collapses or falls apart). As a result, it’s crucial to find out if there are any damages in the chair, table, desk, cabinet, shelf or any other regular furniture piece you have. This way, the damages can be inspected and repaired right away (and prevent injuries and accidents as well).

Hazards from broken furniture

Missing nails and screws make the chairs, tables and cabinets dangerous (collapse is very likely especially if the furniture can’t handle the load anymore). We also have to watch out for chips and cracks because of the potentially sharp and pointed areas. Further, we also have to consider the deterioration of the material itself (the wood might have already rotten or the materials integrity is already compromised).

Because of those serious dangers and concerns, it’s important and urgent to have the furniture repaired (or even replaced if the damage is too extensive already). Professionals and craftsmen might perform minor or major repairs (or work extensively on the core material) and even apply fresh layers of coating to make the piece also pleasing (and give us peace of mind because it looks new and strong). The new coating will also help protect the underlying material from rotting and deterioration as well as prolong the furniture’s lifetime. Aside from the repair and new coating, it’s also possible that the craftsmen do an upcycling (transforming your existing old furniture into something else such as using the cabinet panels as starting material for small desks and tables).

There are several options and possibilities about broken and old furniture. For now though, we should take a good look at our chairs, tables, desks, shelves, cabinets and other belongings. A quick inspection will let us know if there are any problems. Also, if you have idle furniture pieces there, you can transform them into something else (upcycling) so that they’ll be useful again (and protect them from further damage and deterioration).

For furniture upcycling, restoration as well as antique repair, you can always count on us here at Glen Sheldon Furniture Restoration Shop. Our craftsmen have already worked on antique and modern furniture for several Sydney residential and commercial customers. Contact us today if you want your furniture to be elegant again or turn it into something new.