Is Your Furniture Still Worth Saving?

Whether you want to keep your old furniture or sell it at a good price, most likely it will need some repairs and restoration. It’s also possible to have it upcycled or repurposed as long as the core material is still intact and strong.

Is your furniture still worth saving?

Perhaps your old table, sofa, chair or cabinet already looks like something from an abandoned house or already in a landfill. There are several scratches and dents already and it has become dangerous to use. The old chair might totally collapse if you sit in it or the tabletop just looks unpleasant and unstable.

Thankfully, there’s still hope but it requires a small price, some creativity and the efforts from the finest craftsmen. They can bring back the furniture’s original beauty, glory and function through repair and refinishing. Aside from applying a fresh layer of coating to make the surfaces look pleasant and smooth, professionals can also restore or enhance the item’s structural integrity (e.g. the chair will be again safe to use).

It’s especially the case with antiques where a bit of repair and correction can bring out their real financial value. However, this requires extreme care because antique items are already vulnerable as a result of years of deterioration. In addition, we have to keep most of its material intact so that its high historical value remains. After all, an antique derives its value from age as well as its historical and cultural significance.

Aside from repair and restoration, your furniture can still be somehow “saved” by repurposing it or transforming it into something new. For example, your old cabinet’s wood panels (with a significant surface area) can still be used as a starting material for creating a desk, rack, shelf or a new storage space. This repurposing often requires breaking things apart and putting some of them together to create something new and useful.

We regularly do that here at Glen Sheldon. Since 1998, we have done small furniture restorations, major antique repairs and furniture upcycling. We handle each furniture piece with extreme care and in case of on-site projects, we always keep the disturbance to a minimum. Contact us today if you want to make your old furniture beautiful and useful again.