What Does Your Furniture Say About Your Business

Every detail of your commercial premise says a lot about how you conduct your business. After all, a messy workplace also means messy operations. But if every detail signals high standards and professionalism, customers will trust you more.

Image is everything in business which is why Fortune 500 companies invest millions of dollars in making sure they’re delivering the right message. Even start-ups and tech companies use huge sums of money to make their workplaces look inviting and excellent. Aside from being ergonomic and intelligent, their business premise design and layout also say that they’re serious about business and it makes you feel safe to do a transaction with them.

What does your furniture say about your business

Well, another detail that tells a lot about your organisation is the furniture you have. Whether it’s the reception desk (the one your customers always see) or the boardroom table (this is where huge decisions are being made), it’s crucial that everything looks perfect and tells the right message.

For example, a wooden and elegant reception desk (as well as looking old and traditional) emphasises history and stability. It can also signal that you’re committed to implementing environmentally-friendly practises in your business. The wooden appearance and texture also brings new life to the reception area (and often becomes the focal point where eyes automatically go to).

However, it’s important to make sure that the reception desk really looks elegant and classy. The finish should be perfect and there are no chips or scratches. Old desks show these defects and you can count on it that the customers will notice them. To make your old desk looking elegant and classy again, a professional restoration service is required (performed by experienced craftsmen).

It’s the same case with the boardroom table. This furniture piece should inspire intelligence and long-term thinking among the decision-makers. Also, the boardroom table should never distract the managers from the purpose of the meeting. For example, a small scratch on the boardroom table (or the coating has already faded away) can instantly distract a manager. Instead of focusing on the meeting, the mind goes somewhere else.

Rather than purchasing a new boardroom table, it could be more practical to repair and refinish it. This is especially the case when the table has huge financial and sentimental value (e.g. the boardroom table is where key decisions have been made for decades). With proper restoration, the boardroom table can look good as new again (and ready to endure the long hours of meeting).

Every detail matters in business. Customers have high expectations now and they expect almost everything to be perfect. Also, how our environment looks and feels like heavily affect our expectations, behaviour and performance. So if the reception desk, boardroom table and everything else looks strong and elegant, employees and customers will also feel the strength and elegance.