Furniture Colour Restoration: Is It Worth It?

Is a furniture colour restoration worth it? If it has a high historical or sentimental value, the restoration will be worth the money. It’s also the case when your furniture has high financial value (made from expensive wood such as maple or it’s a popular designer’s work).

Restoring the original colour may also be worth it for the savings and protecting the furniture from wind, moisture and other elements. Hence, you get more value from the furniture piece because you’re extending its longevity.

How to restore wood furniture?

First you need to clean its surfaces and inspect for dents, scratches, chips and other damages. Many restoration tasks actually involve repairing damages and replacing the parts missing with the original wood material.

Second, you might need to sand off the original coating. This is part of the preparation when you apply the new coating and accomplish the restoration job. It’s crucial here that the original colour would result after applying the new finishing.

Third, another round of inspection will be required to ensure all surfaces are coated (and in an even manner). The results will also be compared with the expectations. After all, it’s a restoration job so the results should resemble the furniture’s appearance when it was new.

French polishing might also be done to ensure a nice and elegant finish. This is tedious and meticulous which is why only expert craftsmen do it. In addition, many furniture pieces require extra care during handling and restoring.

Is it worth it to reupholster old furniture?

The answer is yes if the furniture has high sentimental to you or your family. In addition, a premium furniture piece(whether with partial or full upholstery) is always worthy of a careful restoration job.

Perhaps your favourite chair or sofa has its fabric opened or its colour is just far from looking new. In these cases the fabric should be replaced (and also the foam inside if need be). This way, the furniture will look new and firm again.

Furniture colour restoration Sydney

Here at Glen Sheldon French Polishing, we do all kinds of furniture restoration jobs with a focus on the following:

  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Care when handling
  • Meticulous detail in restoring each square centimetre of the furniture
  • Choosing the best quality wood material and finishing

Many Sydney commercial clients and residences always call us whenever they need a furniture piece brought back to its original glory. Contact us today if you require excellent care and craftsmanship when restoring your precious furniture.