About Disinfecting and Protecting Your Wood Furniture

Regular cleaning and disinfection is crucial in protecting ourselves from viruses and other health threats. With the latest and ever changing findings about coronaviruses, they might survive for hours or even days on various surfaces.

Disinfecting and protecting your wood furniture

As a result, cleaning and disinfection should always be done especially on high-usage and high-touch surfaces such as tables, chairs, benches and desks. Although we also worry about the appearance and longevity of our wood furniture, the risks, dangers and costs are far greater if we don’t do the necessary sanitation.

When it comes to cleaning and disinfection, we often rely on harsh chemicals that are effective in killing the microbes. For example, in water treatment we use harsh chlorine because it’s effective in breaking the microbes’ cellular and molecular structure. It’s a similar mechanism to how we disinfect surfaces because the harsh chemicals also break down the lipid and protein protective layers of bacteria and viruses.

However, the chemicals also react with the surfaces of the objects we’re cleaning. Their harsh and reactive nature can also disrupt other chemical bonds and molecular integrity. This happens on our wood furniture because the cleaning and disinfection substances can gradually or suddenly affect the furniture material’s appearance and integrity. Although there’s protective paint to shield the underlying material, the water and chemicals might still find their way through cracks, gaps and other exposed parts. Also, the paint or coating might not be enough to endure the regular disinfection and exposure to harsh substances.

One way to protect your wood furniture is by applying a polyurethane coating. For example, here at Glen Sheldon we actually apply several layers of the coating to build a resilient protection and colour. And because of the hard, resin-like finish, the furniture becomes easy to clean. You’ll have no worries because of the strong protection and high resilience (e.g. high resistance to moisture, humidity, chemicals and heat). If you require more information about polyurethane coatings and how to best protect your valuable furniture, you can contact us today.