Can I Repurpose My Old Kitchen Cabinets?

Whether it’s after a kitchen remodel or you’re replacing your old kitchen cabinets, there are creative ways to find new use to your old home items and pieces. It’s especially the case with kitchen cabinets where the doors, panels and most of their materials can still be used for something else.

For example, you can use most of the old kitchen cabinets to build a small desk (perfect for your home office or just a small space to organise your bills and other files). The cabinet doors can be easily converted to drawers (and at the same time support one side of the desk). As a result, you get a small working space plus some storage areas for your papers, files and other items (perhaps some pens and office supplies).

Can I repurpose my old kitchen cabinets

It’s a waste if you just throw away your old cabinets because after all they cost a lot in the first place. Today kitchen cabinetry might cost somewhere between $2,800 to $15,000. Much of the cost will go to the materials and expect at least $100 per hour for the labour. It’s costly and back then you were thinking of the cabinets as a long-term investment (i.e. you’ll be using them every day and for years to come). But now it might be time to replace them because of a kitchen upgrade or the cabinets are showing signs of wear and tear (or you realised the cabinets don’t fit the overall design of the kitchen at all).

Whichever is the reason for getting new kitchen cabinets, you can still get more value out of your old investment. Using the old cabinets as material for a desk is just one example. You can also use the same material for creating a new storage area for your home office, entertainment room, bathroom and laundry. Other people even built small kitchen tables and long seats (with storage at the bottom) using most of the material from old kitchen cabinets.

Instead of buying a new furniture piece, some homeowners were able to use the old items they have to create new ones. Aside from saving some money, this act of creativity also helps the environment because of lower carbon footprint. Take note that buying a new furniture item requires new material, coating and packaging. In contrast, reusing or repurposing old furniture can prevent some of that (plus there are low-VOC and more environment-friendly coatings now). Sure, new coating might be needed (and some new additional material) to repurpose the old kitchen cabinet. But overall it’s a smart move both for the homeowner and the environment.

Here at Glen Sheldon French Polishing we do just that. We can help repurpose your old kitchen cabinets and other valuable furniture pieces. It’s important to seriously consider this especially if your cabinets are made from expensive and high-quality materials. This way you get the most out of your old investment back then and breathe new life to your old furniture. You can contact us today if you require more information.