Can a Piano Be Refinished?

Yes, but the piano refinishing project should be handled with extreme care to avoid damage to the underlying material and preserve the piano’s natural integrity.

Refinishing an old piano

A new piano can cost $10,000 to $200,000. Given the high costs, it’s always practical to have an old piano undergo refinishing and restoration.

Although quality and high-end pianos can last from 40 to 50 years, their exteriors and finishes might still show the flaws and age after some time. The old finish might have become flaky or the black or white surface is not as shiny as it should be. In other words, musical function stays intact but the visual aesthetics could still ruin the piano’s appeal.

As mentioned earlier, piano refinishing is possible but it should be handled with extreme care. That’s because the project might require disassembly of the cover, soundboard, cast iron plate and other essential parts (and then putting them all back together). Also, refinishing requires stripping and sanding the surfaces to remove the old finish to make way for the new finish (e.g. black lacquer) and polishing.

Aside from the refinishing, extreme care should also be applied during handling and transport. Physical impact and contact can displace the parts and damage the piano’s structure and surfaces. It’s especially the case for pianos placed in the higher stories of a house or building. Carrying out the piano and bringing it back to the site requires extreme care and dozens of precautions.

Should you replace or restore a piano?

As mentioned before, pianos can last up to 50 years. Damages will show and accumulate but most of them are easy or possible to repair. If a team of experienced craftsmen handles the project, the results will be outstanding.

Restoring and refinishing an old piano is also practical especially if it has a high financial or sentimental value. Perhaps it already has a heritage value or that the piano adds a classic and timeless appeal to an area. In these cases, piano refinishing is a logical action if you think about its value and appeal.

When it comes to piano refinishing (and restoring its surfaces’ beauty, shine and glory), you can contact us here at Glen Sheldon. We will carefully handle your piano and ensure we will bring it back to you in its more beautiful and elegant condition.