Boardroom Table Repairs: How to Restore the Elegance

Boardroom table repairs require excellent attention to detail and integrity. After all, boardroom tables often symbolise power, elegance and sophistication. Each square centimetre of the table should be free from damages, scratches or any visible blemishes.

It’s especially the case with boardroom tables with a long history. Perhaps the table has been there since the foundation of the company. Maybe it’s already there since the 1980s. It’s now a staple in the company. Its history will never be complete if the table gets replaced.

Wooden table repairs and restorations

That’s why here at Glen Sheldon French Polishing, we do everything we can to restore the glory and integrity of boardroom tables. We handle each furniture piece very carefully. We can do the restoration on our workshop or on your site (for your peace of mind). In either case, we carefully handle the heritage furniture as best as we can.

We repair the cracks and chips on the base and surface of the company’s precious and historical table. We also apply the best refinishing techniques to return the table to its former glory. We prioritise both the aesthetics and integrity of wooden tables and other precious furniture.

Reupholstery and restoration of boardroom chairs

The look of the table and chairs should remain consistent. If the boardroom table looks glorious, it should be the same with the chairs.

Here at Glen Sheldon French Polishing, we also do reupholstery and restoration of chairs. As with the boardroom table, we also ensure integrity and sophistication of the chairs. This way, everyone at the boardroom will be able to focus on one thing — setting and accomplishing the company’s vision.

Boardroom table repairs Sydney

Our experienced and detail-oriented craftsmen have already worked with several Sydney commercial clients. It all started in the year 1998 where our company’s founder, Glen Sheldon, dedicated almost all his time bringing back the original appearance and glory of wooden tables, chairs and other precious furniture (the way they look like decades ago).

If you allow our dedicated team to handle the repair and restoration of your boardroom table, we will do it with minimum or no disturbance to your normal business operations and activities. Contact us today.