About Disinfecting and Protecting Your Wood Furniture

Regular cleaning and disinfection is crucial in protecting ourselves from viruses and other health threats. With the latest and ever changing...

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What Does Your Furniture Say About Your Business

Every detail of your commercial premise says a lot about how you conduct your business. After all, a messy workplace also...

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How to Restore the Tabletop Finish

Whether it’s your dinner table or the boardroom table, how that wide surface looks like indeed makes an impression. Perhaps its...

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How Recycling Furniture Makes a Difference

Approximately 1.5 tonnes of waste each year is being produced by each household in Australia. On a national level, this is...

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Can I Repurpose My Old Kitchen Cabinets?

Whether it’s after a kitchen remodel or you’re replacing your old kitchen cabinets, there are creative ways to find new use...

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What to Do With My Old Furniture?

Should you just throw it or give it away? What if your old furniture can be repurposed and become more valuable...

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