Who Repairs Antique Furniture?

Only hire expert craftsmen with deep knowledge of wood materials, finishes and even the history of antiques and furniture. After all,...

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When to Restore My Antique Furniture?

If your old furniture is now an eyesore (e.g. broken legs, severe water damage), it’s the perfect time to have it...

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Is My Wood Furniture Worth Refinishing?

Here’s the short answer. If your wood furniture has high historical or sentimental value, it’s definitely worth refinishing. The restoration process...

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Repair a Wooden Table Top or Just Buy New Furniture?

Is it still worth it to repair a wooden table top? If it has high sentimental value or part of a...

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Polyurethane Coating vs Varnish: Here are the Pros and Cons

Polyurethane coating vs varnish: which one is better for your furniture? Each type of coating has its own pros and cons....

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Furniture Colour Restoration: Is It Worth It?

Is a furniture colour restoration worth it? If it has a high historical or sentimental value, the restoration will be worth...

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