Furniture Colour Restoration: Is It Worth It?

Is a furniture colour restoration worth it? If it has a high historical or sentimental value, the restoration will be worth...

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Why Replace Wood Mouldings on Furniture? It Adds Elegance

Why replace wood mouldings? The short answer is that it adds elegance and more detail to furniture. It’s a simple and...

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Mirror Resilvering Service Near Me: Here’s the Answer

Mirror resilvering service near me? Here at Glen Sheldon French Polishing we resilver mirrors with a focus on excellent craftsmanship (contact...

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How to Effectively Restore Wood Kitchen Cabinets?

How to restore wood kitchen cabinets? This involves cleaning, surface preparation, removing current coating, repairing, replacing panels and doors and applying...

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Does Refinishing Antique Reduce Value?

Does refinishing antique reduce value? Short answer is no. However, it depends if the job was done perfectly. That’s why it’s...

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What’s the Average Cost of Refinishing Furniture?

Average cost of refinishing furniture ranges from $100 to $2,000. The total cost depends on difficulty, furniture size, its antique value...

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