How Do You Restore the Shine of Old Wood Furniture

Old wood furniture have lost their shine because much of the coating was removed (could be due to weathering, physical contact)...

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Why Is It Important to Preserve Artefacts and Antiques?

Artefacts and antiques illuminate our past and strengthen our cultural identities. It’s similar to that feeling when we look at our...

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How Do Museums Take Care of Antiques

Museums, libraries and archives prioritise the conservation and protection of antiques, artifacts and other items of rich cultural heritage. Aside from...

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How Do You Restore an Old Dining Table?

Generally, you will need to prepare the table’s surface (including cleaning, stripping and sanding) and then apply the stain or finish....

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How Long Should a Sofa Last?

Good estimates are around 7, 10 and 15 years. However, before that the sofa might already look old, torn and broken...

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Hazards From Broken Furniture to Watch Out For

Whether it’s antique or modern furniture, any damage might cause serious injuries (especially if the furniture collapses or falls apart). As...

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