How Long Should a Sofa Last?

Good estimates are around 7, 10 and 15 years. However, before that the sofa might already look old, torn and broken...

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Hazards From Broken Furniture to Watch Out For

Whether it’s antique or modern furniture, any damage might cause serious injuries (especially if the furniture collapses or falls apart). As...

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Is Your Furniture Still Worth Saving?

Whether you want to keep your old furniture or sell it at a good price, most likely it will need some...

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Antique Care and Maintenance: Do’s and Don’ts

Antique care and maintenance is important for preserving the items’ financial and intrinsic value as well as their appearance. Whether the...

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What Can I Do With an Old Table?

You realise that it’s a waste to throw out the old table or just let it lie in a dark corner....

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Why Polyurethane Coating is Good for Furniture

Polyurethane coating applied on furniture results in a smooth plastic surface. This surface is highly resilient and resistant against water, moisture,...

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