How Do You Restore an Old Chaise Lounge

For a time, the chaise lounge became a symbol of social status where only the richest could have it. French furniture...

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Restoring Art Deco Clocks and Furniture

Art Deco still represents glamour and luxury as well as the faith in social and technological progress. Those who have Art...

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Can a Piano Be Refinished?

Yes, but the piano refinishing project should be handled with extreme care to avoid damage to the underlying material and preserve...

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Is Your Old Table Still Worth Restoring?

If it has a high personal or sentimental value, your old table is still worth restoring. It’s also the case when...

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How Do I Upcycle My Sideboard?

To upcycle your old sideboard or turn it into something more useful and valuable, a layer of new paint or finish...

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How to Repair and Restore a Tabletop

Whether it’s because of heat damage, physical impact, spill or natural deterioration, having a damaged tabletop is very unsightly. With that...

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